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Experience Joy,
Energy and Relaxation in Your Life
Come experience balance and inner power so you can live a real fulfilling life!

Hi, I'm Esther and I guide women to experience balance in body, mind and emotions so they are way more happy and fulfilled.

As you live your busy life, you accumulate stress which can make you feel tired, emotional and achy. This is not needed! You can have easy tools to rebalance yourself and feel more and more inner power and happiness on a daily basis.

I am here to support women like you to let go of the negative effects of stress so that you can enjoy your life and experience so much more joy!

I can help you in many ways. Explore a few of the options below and I look forward to serving you!

From disbalance to harmony in your Body, Mind & Emotions:

If you are out of balance and experience stress often you may feel:

  • Uninspired and unfulfilled
  • A lack of ¬†physical energy
  • Out of balance emotionally meaning you feel more emotions like: sadness, anger, frustration, fear or even anxiety
  • Mentally tired
  • Physical symptoms like: headaches, back pain, neck pain, restless sleep
  • Having recurring negative thoughts even if you feel you are a positive person
  • A desire to feel at peace inside

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, I can help you. Let me support you in finding balance and replacing these symptoms with so you can be yourself again.


Esther Pesie

"If you are happy, everybody around you is lifted by your happiness."

  • Improve your health

  • Experience better relationships

  • Acces more inner peace

  • Have more fun in life

  • Feel good about yourself

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