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Reconnective healing
Experience Balance and Relaxation

Reconnective healing is a remote healing modality that lifts off layers of stress from your body and mind so you can experience more joy and bliss. It works at any distance so you can receive your treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Reconnective healing supports you to return to your own optimal state of inner balance. This balance supports your mental, emotional and physical health tremendously.

Normally when we sleep we go back to that inner balance ourselves. But sometimes so much happens in our lives, that we don't seem to be able to fully deal with it or recover from it. Then some sessions might be exactly what you need!

Although Reconnective healing does not treat symptoms and does not make any promises or guarantees, here are some examples Reconnective healing can support you with:

  • Migraines
  • Sleep problems
  • Back pain
  • Lack of energy
  • Negative thinking
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feelings of being unfulfilled, uninspired, unexpressed

Reconnective healing Can:

  • Release anxiety, stress, and pain from your system safely and pleasurably
  • Give you a boost in energy
  • Help you sleep better
  • Support you in feeling good about yourself
  • Connect you to your inner strength
  • Open you up to your natural born given talents
Reconnective healing connects you to who you truly are. That part of you that is powerful, happy and whole, but is sometimes hard to access.

Reconnective healing connects you to The True You. That part you know is the real version of yourself, but is sometimes hard to access.

What to expect during your session:

You may feel warmth, tingles, see colors or even taste or smell things. All of these things are normal and part of receiving these frequencies. Every session can be different. And these sensations are not the healing itself. It is simply letting you know something happens.

How a Session Works:

The less I know about your challenges, the better. The energy (frequency) goes where it needs to go. I am just the accelerant.

Once you book your session, be sure to find a calm, private area where you can lie down and relax during our session. Have a blanket ready in case you like to cover yourself up. I will call you on Whatsapp or Zoom for your session. We will chat naturally and I will answer any of your questions.

When it's time for the healing to begin, we will hang up the phone and I start the healing. You will simply relax and rest - no need to visualize, meditate or think about anything. Just focus on your breathing. 

Many people feel all kind of things like mentioned above. Others just feel very relaxed. It does not matter. The healings works anyway. 

When the healing is done, I will call you back and we will "debrief" after your healing. You can share what you felt/experienced and I will provide feedback from my end. A session takes one hour, intake and aftercare included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many sessions do I need?

One to three sessions are generally recommended. I advise you to do three sessions, so the frequencies can really sink in. Then it is time to let it unfold. No need to book sessions over and over again.

A healing can happen during a session, it can also unfold over the next days and sometimes even before a session, people report positive changes.

We only recommend another session after the first three if you have had so much improvement in the areas you are looking for and you really feel a new session would support you or if a new situation happens. Like you move, catch a cold, start a new job. Then the frequencies can support you again.

Q: Do I have to wait for "the right moment"?

This question is asked a lot! You might think you need to be in a relaxed state or have more time. This is not needed at all. It is just the other way around. When you feel stressed a healing can help you de-stress. And the longer you wait, because if "no time" the more complaints people usually get. The beauty of Reconnective healing is, you just have to receive. Especially if you feel stressed or think you don't have time.

Q: What are the frequencies used in Reconnective Healing? Is it Reiki?

No, this is completely different. Reconnective healing works with a whole new set of healing frequencies. Probably even through a new bandwidth.

As a practitioner you are also not a channel, but a catalyst. This means the healing frequencies do not go through us, we don't direct them or control them. We are just the catalyst for the healing to happen.

Q: Are there negative side effects?

You shouldn't experience any "detox symptoms" or harsh cleansing side effects. With this form of healing there are 9 out of 10 times no recoils like we might have had with other modalities. These high frequencies support wellbeing and want to get us out of the paradigm of suffering into well being and living our full potential.

Q: Do I have to have physical problems or be out of balance to receive a session?

No, you don't have to! The frequences allow you to connect to a deeper part of you: your essence. Some people refer to this as your "higher self." The more we are intune with this part of us, the better we know what choice to make and in which direction to go. Our intuition is much more "on" after a healing session so to speak. Many people also report experiencing additional energy after a session as well.

Q: Do you touch me?

No, I don't. This is a hand-off form of healing.

Q: Do we have to be in the same room for the healing to work?

Not at all! A healing works perfectly from any distance. You will see for yourself when we work together.

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"Esther's healing sessions are super. I really felt they helped me through difficult times, reconnecting me back to myself. It was the first time I have experienced this sort of healing and I have now had multiple sessions and will happily return for more. Thank you so much Esther for your empathy and time."

Sam, France

“During the session I felt a lot happening. Tingles, a heavy feeling, a light feeling and pure relaxation at the end. An hour after the session my bowels were very active, but that was over after yet another hour. The days after I felt more relaxed when I woke up. I usually had negative thoughts when waking up, but I noticed feeling good. I have an enormous inspiration to write and I am really motivated to move without that nasty headache I often have when I have “overdone” it. Which was usually the case. In general my head feels lighter. I recommend this to everyone.”

Ingrid, France

“Esther’s reconnective healing sessions are like a spa day for the soul. Every time, I experienced one, I dropped down more into the center of myself and felt extremely peaceful. It’s as if, the frequencies “realigned” me with my Higher Self. 

I let go of anxiety, shame, painful thoughts about myself, and fear of moving forward. Whenever I go through a personal growth milestone or feel the need for a ‘tune up’, RH always helps me stabilize the higher frequencies as my new normal.

Not only is Esther an exceptional healer, she is so warm and nurturing. I could share anything with her and knew that she would love and support me. 

I strongly encourage anyone who’s feeling a bit heavy, or weighed down to book a session as soon as you can! You thank me later! ;)"

Tara, USA

"It reintroduces me to the frequencies of love"

Tara, USA

"I have felt my own energy. It was like everything that stood between me and myself was lifted off of me. It was beautiful".

Thereza, Tjech

"A healing from Esther is like a true present for yourself. It's just so relaxing and it really feels good for me. It's quite special when you feel the energy flowing true your body. I see it as a special moment, just for myself, focussing on that what is. Surrendering yourself to the energy and just letting the energy doing it's job. Sometimes it's feels cold and another time it's feels warm. I can really recommend a healing from Esther. Just give it to yourself, you are worth it."

Lin, the Netherlands

Reconnective healing to me is magical. It can bring me calmness when I can't even stay still because I'm so anxious. It can bring me strength when I need it more than ever. It can guide me to new things and new ways of healing. It seems to give me exactly what I need in that moment everytime! It is so loving and helps me feel more connected which is what I am working towards ! It always shows me something new and I understand it more and more every time I have one. Sometimes I can't see the results for a while but I always connect it back to that. It's beautiful! It is such an amazing gift to have and I think what you are doing is absolutely wonderful! Thank you Esther ! Xxxx

Rosie, England

Disclaimer: It is important to know that everybody's experience is different. Reconnective healing makes no claims, promises, or guarantees of any specific outcome. Neither does it diagnose, treat or claim to heal any illness, disease or life challenge. When having physical, emotional or mental problems, always seek professional help from your doctor or other licensed healthcare provider. By participating in Reconnective Healing you assume full responsibility for your wellbeing.

  • Improve your health

  • Experience better relationships

  • Acces more inner peace

  • Have more fun in life

  • Feel good about yourself

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