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You had this dream of being a happy, shining mum in which you do all kind of fun stuff with your kids. On top you are able to work and be fulfilling to your partner. 

Then "reality" kicks in. You find yourself being way to tired, having feelings of stress and overwhelm. And you don't want other people to know about it, but sometimes you loose your patience and you scream at your child. I get it.

Life can feel demanding at times and the idea of you just taking some time for yourself makes you feel guilty. But you crave it. 

What if I told you this craving is the solution? You just taking a bit of time every day to recharge. You deserve it AND your loved ones deserve it.

Because you know what happens when you do that? Your mind becomes clearer, you have more energy, you leave the negative energy behind and can be fully present. And as a result your relationships with your loved ones improve. You can finally give what you want to give.

I created a safe community for you, where I show you simple qigong exercises, (easier than yoga) that help you to find peace and that lift your energy and mood. I also share  simple life tools and relaxation tips that make your life flow with greater ease. 

If you do the simple and enjoyable exercises you'll experience more:

  • energy so you are able to do what you want and need
  • inner peace and calm even if a situation is a bit of a challenge
  • focus so you finish your tasks faster
  • connectedness with your true self so you know what makes you really happy
  • you strengthen your intuition so you know yourself better, you know in which direction to go and you make decisions easily
  • Creativity flow that helps you express yourself at home or if you work outside the house at work
  • you feel more grounded and stable inside then ever before, so life becomes a joy 

There are also many physical benefits like of qigong: a good body posture, it stimulates healthy organs, it gives you more circulation and therefore warmer hands and feet, it loosens up the joints, supports better sleep, it strengthens the immune system, regulates your blood pressure, gives you more flexibility and like I mentioned before it provides you with much more energy.

I created a facebook group for you if you want to feel supported and guided. I promise you if you let your guilt behind, focus on why you do it (yourself, but also your loved onces!), you'll have results! 

What can you expect when you join us? 

Once a week I show you a qigong exercise or meditation you cam directly implement. I also be doing 3 interactive Facebook live events per month where you can feel safe to share what's on your mind, ask questions and get the support you need.

Is this only for mums? No most definitely not. Basically it is for every woman who needs more energy, less stress and more balance in her life. If yoy are one of them, please join by clicking the link below. The monthly fee is €25,-. You can join anytime!
This is the link to the facebook group:
You'll be accepted to the group once I have received your payment.
If you still have any questions, please contact me through mail or facebook messenger.

"If you are happy, everybody around you is lifted by your happiness."

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