My name is Esther and I'd love to take the opportunity to share some things about myself with you. I am originally from Holland and I live in France for many years and I love it. By trail and error and many very funny situations I finally speak proper French. I mean if you are not French how would you say améliorer?

I love nature, I love to drink a cup of coffee somewhere and I love art. As a Dutch woman I love van Gogh, but also Alma Tadema. Have you heard of him?  I also love Dali. I most certainly love my dogs. I love to cook Moroccan, Asian and Italian dishes and I love to travel. Going to Morocco is high on my wish list and so is Rome.

I am passionate about my work and I love to work with sensitive and dedicated women. Women who want to invest time and energy in the changes they are seeking.

I'd love to guide you in a supportive warm way and to assist you to experience a true connection with yourself using qigong or Reconnective healing. So that you can live from that place and experience much more joy and happiness.


Chi/Zhi Neng Qigong, from 2000 till 2012, with Patrica van Walstijn in the Netherlands.

Reconnective Healing & the Reconnection, year 2010 with Eric Pearl in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Psych-k (neuro linguistic programming), year 2011, with Delight training in the Netherlands.

Esther studied these modalities for more then almost two decades and she continues to develop herself with her skills.

She followed many courses like: Silva Mind control, Heart math, EFT (tapping), clearing & vibrational alignment course and:

“You can trust your life” of Louise Hay in 2012, online.

“Being yourself” of Anita Moorjani in 2015, online.

“Consciousness engineering” of Vishen Lakhiani in 2015, online.

Rapid transformational hypnotherapy of Marisa Peer in 2018, online.

Lifebook of Jon&Missy Butcher in 2019, online.

Esther has had her own practice in Holland for more then 7 years. Now she works online as a healing practitionar, mentor and Qigong coach.


It is my mission to assist women to be who they truly are and to express that woman in the world.

If you express yourself the way you are, you feel happy and energized.

Your happiness matters so much more then you perhaps realize. It has a chain reaction.

If you feel good you can more easily be the mother, the partner, the daughter, the friend or the sister you want to be, because from this place you truly have something to give.

It is my mission to help you be that. To give you tools to create inner balance and a happy life. In the fist place for you, because YOU DO MATTER!

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