Experience deep relaxation

And know that by learning this soft beautiful way of movement, you can always go back to that inner peace.

Maybe you have seen someone in a park or at the beach making very slow and gracious movements. Changes are, you saw somebody praticing qigong. Or maybe you are very familiar with it already. In both cases you are welcome here!

Qigong are slow movements that support your overall wellbeing. Like accupuctuur it works on your meridian system.

I invite you to join a 12 weeks immersion so you can experience a relaxed body, a calm mind, balanced emotions and a good body posture. Every week we go deeper into a real connection with yourself and a relaxed body.

No Need to be flexible!

This form of qigong is easy and doable for everyone! There is no need to be very flexible and force yourself in difficult positions. Even stronger, if you cannot stand, because of a health challenge, you can even doing it sitting. The goal is to relax, have fun and softly work on your body (muscles, joints, bodypostition and yes you can even do that sitting).

What will we cover?

  • How to relaxe your muscles
  • The basic exercise that gives you way more energy
  • How to meditate in motion and why this is so much esier then “regular” meditation
  • An exercise specifically for neck or back challenges
  • A good body posture
  • How to create the deep inner relaxation even without following a class

Why is it actually good for you?


"From the very beginning, Esther connected with us. Her style just put us at ease, opening us to receive. She gracefully transitioned into a qigong session. Her words and tone had a calming and energizing effect that really impacted us. Esther has an intuitive quality of understanding people then zoning in on what they need. She has a rare gift of giving just the healing energy we needed. Esther is a natural!"

Michele & Ron Klamer, USA

"Hi all! I wanted to share with you about my experience that I had during working with Esther. I asked Esther to work with me because I felt tired and couldn't concentrate much during the day. Although I was skeptical at first (how can someone do that type of work over Skype living on a different continent?), I was in for a treat. Esther's loving and warm personality made it easy to feel comfortable and relax. She led me through an exercise that positively surprised me. I felt a warmth rushing through my body, which made my visualization more vivid. I imagined the warmth being the energy that I was lacking. I have never experienced anything like that before. After the session, I felt energized, awake and alive. My productivity for that day was amazing. I recommend that you, at least, check out what Esther has to offer."

Sandra Berger, Germany

"Esther is a fabulous person and has a powerful way of calming your senses and pulling your spirit back into alignment ... I adore her friendly, enlightening personality."

Angela Neufeld, USA

  • Improve your health

  • Experience better relationships

  • Acces more inner peace

  • Have more fun in life

  • Feel good about yourself

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