Experience deep relaxation with this soft, beautiful way of movement that can always bring you back to your inner peace.

Qigong are slow movements that support your overall wellbeing. Like acupuncture, it works on your meridian system. 

Have you ever seen someone in a park or at the beach making very slow and gracious movements? Chances are, you saw somebody practicing Qigong. 

If you have struggled in the past to let go of the stress of life and to feel safe and strong in your own body, but don’t want to go to the gym or do other intense workouts, Qigong could be the perfect solution!

I invite you to join a 5 week program so you can experience:

  • More energy
  • A relaxed body
  • A calm mind
  • Balanced emotions
  • Good body posture 
During this 5 week program of 1 hour per class, I will guide you to learn the basic exercise that support you to have much more energy. You can see this exercise as a general acupuncture session. It stimulates the 12 main meridians. 
We'll also cover the 5 warming up exercises that you can also do during the day to loosen up your body, relax and have a little energy boost.

When you book your classes, you receive an email with all the needed information and your zoomlink. 

No Need to be Flexible! 

This form of Qigong is easy and doable for everyone! There is no need to be very flexible and force yourself into difficult positions. If you cannot stand because of a health challenge, you can even do the motions sitting down. The goal is to relax, have fun and softly work on your body muscles, joints, & body position. Yes, you can do all of this while you sit.

You will Learn:  

  • The basic exercise that unlocks way more of your own natural energy.
  • How to meditate in motion and why this is so much easier then “regular” meditation
  • Good body posture to align your internal organs and give you a graceful energy
  • How to create deep inner relaxation
  • How to implement this in your daily life

What Qigong Can Do for You: 

  • Stimulates the joints to become more flexible 
  • Supports your metabolism and weight control
  • Reduces sinus problems, allergies and other immune challenges Lowers your blood pressure and stress levels
  • Regulates your blood sugar level
  • Regulates your period big time

Balances mental and emotional challenges like: anxiety, ptsd, depressive feelings 

Join me to create more peace and positive energy in your life!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why wouldn’t I just watch a YouTube video?

When we work together, I take you on a journey. A journey in how to take good care of yourself. You aren’t just learning a sequence of movements, you are discovering how to become more conscious of your body, yourself and your needs. The real transformation and the gift I want to give you is discovering how your unique body needs you to care for her. My personal guidance is the cherry on the cake when you join the course that allows you to achieve far more than you ever could just watching a video online.

Do I need to have any experience with body work?

No you don’t. I will explain everything you need to know during the course so safely and effectively practise the movements and achieve the inner balance you are looking for..

I already have a lot of Qigong experience, would I still benefit?

Yes, most definitely. This form of qigong emphasizes the use of energy by creating an energy field that you learn to use to upgrade your energy levels. I have experience in using these energy fields for creation, protection, and healing that I am happy to teach. 

What if I don’t like it?

This is a good question! it is important that you and I “click” and that you love doing the exercises most of the time. Why most of the time and not all of the time? Qigong is like a love relationship. You love your person deeply, but that doesn't mean there are some things you might like a little less. I suggest to focus on the positive and give that part your attention. When you practice qigong, you might have days when it’s harder to feel the relaxation you felt the day before. You might have some muscles that become smoother and therefore you feel them more in an unpleasant way (temporary). This is part of getting the result that you desire: a relaxed body, a calm mind and balanced emotions. 

Part of my job is to guide you to do the exercises anyway - to motivate you - so you get to experience the benefits.

If it turns out after  this is really not for you, you can stop and you only pay for what you have done so far. I have taught more than 200 people and that only happened twice. It’s highly unlikely you will dislike qigong once you experience it’s peaceful power! So let’s dive into this adventure together!

I really like it Esther, but I have no time and I am too tired for this.

There is an honest phrase that says if you don't have time to invest in your health, you must create time for being ill.

Although it’s blunt, there is truth to it.

“Finding time” usually has more to do with planning things ahead and developing discipline. Also skipping things that are not that important. Hence prioritizing! How many hours do you watch tv, or scroll online?

If you look at the time you are investing in more mindless activities, you'll probably see you have at least 15 minutes to devote to yourself. And the good thing with this form of qigong is that it actually gives you energy in return! You'll find that after practicing, you’ll  feel much more replenished, clear-minded, and better equipped to take care of the rest of your life.

I am passionate to share and connect with you. Your wellbeing in body, mind and soul is my commitment. I look forward to seeing you inside the program! Love and peace, Esthe

Esther do you also offer private classes and workshops?

I offer the option for private classes or workshops for anxiety or backproblems (for a minimum of 5 people). Please contact me for more info and I am happy to let you know what it is and how it works.


"From the very beginning, Esther connected with us. Her style just put us at ease, opening us to receive. She gracefully transitioned into a Qigong session. Her words and tone had a calming and energizing effect that really impacted us. Esther has an intuitive quality of understanding people then zoning in on what they need. She has a rare gift of giving just the healing energy we needed. Esther is a natural!"

Michele & Ron Klamer, USA

"Hi all! I wanted to share with you about my experience that I had during working with Esther. I asked Esther to work with me because I felt tired and couldn't concentrate much during the day. Although I was skeptical at first (how can someone do that type of work over Skype living on a different continent?), I was in for a treat. Esther's loving and warm personality made it easy to feel comfortable and relax. She led me through an exercise that positively surprised me. I felt a warmth rushing through my body, which made my visualization more vivid. I imagined the warmth being the energy that I was lacking. I have never experienced anything like that before. After the session, I felt energized, awake and alive. My productivity for that day was amazing. I recommend that you, at least, check out what Esther has to offer."

Sandra Berger, Germany

"Esther is a fabulous person and has a powerful way of calming your senses and pulling your spirit back into alignment ... I adore her friendly, enlightening personality."

Angela Neufeld, USA

  • Improve your health

  • Experience better relationships

  • Acces more inner peace

  • Have more fun in life

  • Feel good about yourself

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