Reconnective healing helps you to experience inner balance. Out of that inner balance physical, emotional and mental discomfort can be released.

Reconnective healing connects you to your original blueprint. It releases what weights you down and it connects you to yourself, your inner strenght and talents. From that inner connection you can open up to
connect to the ones you love.

People come in with different kind of complaints from migrain, sleepproblems, backpain, Ptsd, anxiety, stress, lack of energy, relationship issues, negative selftalk, low selfesteem, not knowing in which direction to go in life. There are also people who just want to expereince these beautiful high frequencies and have a moment just for themselves to receive.

Although Reconnective healing doesn't treat syptoms it can resolve these kind of issues. The most important thing with Reconnective healing is that you allow healing to take place. Open up to receive.

A session.
The less I know about your challenges, the better. The frequencies know what you need. I am just the accelerant.

One to three sessions are recommended. Then it is time to let it unfold. We only recommend a next session if you have had so much improvement in the areas you are looking for and you feel a new session would support you or if a new situation happens.

Like: you had a therapy session with someone and you feel you need to integrate it on all levels, you had a intense week in which lot's of things happened (also things we experience as positive can be intens and may ask for integration), you moved, you catched a cold and your system tells you to slow down, you started a new job, you are really energetically off and you don't know why. These are moments you can do another healing and let the frequences support you.

With this form of healing there are 9 out of 10 times no recoils like we might have had with other modalities. Like: tiredness, fear respons, sore muscles. These high frequencies support well being and want to get us out of the paradigm of suffering into well being and living our full potential.

Everyone's experience is different and there are no guaranties. It does NOT replace medical advide and I advice you to see your doctor always in case of a physical, emotional or mental disbalance.

Book your session. After I have received your payment, I'll send you a link to book your session!


"It reintroduces me to the frequencies of love"

Tara, USA

"I have felt my own energy. It was like everything that stood between me and myself was lifted off of me. It was beautiful".

Thereza, Tjech

"A healing from Esther is like a true present for yourself. It’s just so relaxing and it really feels good for me. It’s quite special when you feel the energy flowing true your body. I see it as a special moment, just for myself, focussing on that what is. Surrendering yourself to the energy and just letting the energy doing it’s job. Sometimes it’s feels cold and another time it’s feels warm. I can really recommend a healing from Esther. Just give it to yourself, you are worth it."

Lin, the Netherlands

Reconnective healing to me is magical. It can bring me calmness when I can’t even stay still because I’m so anxious. It can bring me strength when I need it more than ever. It can guide me to new things and new ways of healing. It seems to give me exactly what I need in that moment everytime! It is so loving and helps me feel more connected which is what I am working towards ! It always shows me something new and I understand it more and more every time I have one. Sometimes I can’t see the results for a while but I always connect it back to that. It’s beautiful! It is such an amazing gift to have and I think what you are doing is absolutely wonderful! Thank you Esther ! Xxxx

Rosie, England

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