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Sometimes in life you feel stuck about something and you just want an objective person to listen to you and be there for you. This is why this session is created.

What is this? 

In this session we will first define what you like to get out of this session. In other words what do you need support with? I will help you define it if you don't know it.
Then we'll look at how you can most effectively deal with what you experience. So you feel much more happy and empowered when you have done a session.
If needed, you can leave the session with some tools you can apply that help you stay on track with what you have gained from the session.

How many sessions do I need Esther?

This depends on your challenge. Let me give you an example. If you like to get something done and you just don't do it, this can mean that something inside you is holding you back. No worries, we can look where you might block yourself and see how to go from there. In this case often one or two sessions might be enough. 
If the issue you come for is a bit more complex let's say you come out of a burnout and you feel afraid to get back into society, you might be better supported with more sessions.
My goal is always to make sure you are on your own two feet as soon as possible. Why? I believe in your innerpower. Basically you don't need me. It is just that we ourselves are sometimes blocked to see our own great solutions or we operate a bit to much from our sometimes limited reference frame. 

What do you get out of this?

  • Clarity on your current situation 
  • Tools to more effectively deal with it
  • Suggestions how to go from here 

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So please book your session now and let's get started working towards your improved and happy empowered self. 


"When I first discovered Esther, I had a strong feeling that this was someone who was going to 'get' me and my fears - and I was right. It was like talking to an encouraging and gentle expert friend with no agenda other than to help me live my best and most authentic life. Because she's great at what she does, she quickly cut through all my confusion and came up with a couple of great strategies. These feel supportive and achievable and I know they are what I need right now to move me closer to my new and exciting career."
J.T, England

"In just a short chat with Esther, I was able to get clear on what I was missing on the road to my life purpose. Her easy guidance, and kind probing questions, helped me to open my mind to what I was missing before. A simple, yet, extremely gentle way of getting to the route of my life purpose. Thank you, Esther, for your reassurance. I would certainly work with you again."
Rachel Medhurst, England

"I was in a rut. After one coaching with Esther Pesie, I was able to re-evaluate my current life choices and re-organize my priorities. It was an incredibly helpful experience. I've already started taking steps to do the work I've been putting off for years, and I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted. I'm so grateful!"

Lauren S, USA

  • Improve your health

  • Experience better relationships

  • Acces more inner peace

  • Have more fun in life

  • Feel good about yourself

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